Home Buyers Guide

Congratulations on making the first step on becoming a new home owner!

This FREE Home Buyer's Guide will answer many of your question including the following:

  • -How much does your credit score affect the purchase of your home?
  • -How much can you buy ?
  • -Mortgage Broker vs. Traditional Lender
  • -The difference between Mortgage Broker vs. Traditional Lender
  • -What is the best type of loan for you ?
  • -What is the down payment you will need depending on your type of loan ?
  • -The difference between a Pre-approval letter and Pre-Qualifictiaon letter.
  • -Which home is the right home for you?
  • -How to make and offer and what do you need to be able to make an offer ?
  • -What to do once seller accepted your offer?
  • -Why to do a Home inspection - What does it mean to Clear the home Title? - Who order the Appraisal of your home? - What else happens at Closing?